Major Signs You Have a Leaking Pool

hand holding a water test over a pool

Your pool naturally loses and gains water. If you add more than 2 inches of water every week, you need pool leak detection services. Repairing a leak will cost you some money, but it is cheaper than the damage a leak may cause.

Pool leaks are a result of deteriorating sealants and worn-out parts. You can notice the leaks through the plumbing, accessories, or shell. Fixing a leak saves on heat, water, and chemicals. If you cannot manage a leak by yourself, hiring pool leak detection experts is recommended. Here are some signs you need to call a leak repair company.

1. Fluctuating Water Levels

As mentioned earlier, losing water is the most common sign of a leak. Nonetheless, natural elements like evaporation and backsplash may cause your pool to have shifting water levels. Therefore, it is important to do a bucket-test for two or three days to rule out these natural aspects.

To test if you have a leaking swimming pool, get an empty five-gallon bucket and place it on the first step of the swimming pool. Mark the water levels in and out of the bucket and wait for a couple of days. If the pool and bucket water have evenly dropped, then you are losing water due to evaporation. If the pool water is lower than the bucket water, you probably have a leak.

2. Cracked Tiles and Concrete

Underground pool leak detection is typically characterized by fractured concrete. Tiles and concrete are likely to shift over time because the ground has excess water. When the pool settles into the softer parts of the ground, water starts leaking, and the tiles crack.

Cracks may also be caused by tree roots affecting the plumbing. In such cases, landscaping services will be necessary. To tell if the pool needs repair, consult with a reliable pool leak detection company.

3. Increasing Water Bills

Your pool has auto-fill devices that may conceal a leak. These devices keep your pool filled with water, so it may be difficult to notice when water levels are low.

If your auto-fill equipment is constantly running and your water bills rapidly rise, that is a sign of a leaking pool. You should contact a pool leak repair company to prevent extra ruin.

4. Chemical Imbalance

Lastly, another tell-tale of a leaking pool is inconsistent chemical levels in the pool. When your pool loses water, chemicals like chlorine and calcium also leak. You can check for imbalance by testing the pH of the water. If it is too high or too low, your pool may need pool leakage repairs.

If the chemical disproportion is not fixed, you will notice pool water discoloration and algae growth. Fixing the leak will adjust the chemicals and prevent further damage.

5. Wet Spots Around the Pool

If you start seeing areas in your backyard around the pool that are wet and muddy, this is a sign there may be a leak. These wet areas are often caused by water seeping up from the ground below. If you have a pool, it's vital to call a leak repair company as soon as possible so they can test for leaks and fix them before any more damage is done.

Pool Leak Detection Sarasota, FL

It can be very difficult for someone who isn't familiar with swimming pools to spot leaks by themselves because they may not know what exactly they should look for. As a result, you will want to hire a professional leak detection service that knows how best to identify where these holes might be located. This service can help to ensure that you don't waste money on treatments or repairs for a problem that might not even exist. In addition, it will save you time and hassle by ensuring the leaks are fixed properly so your pool is watertight once again.

If you have been noticing any of these signs, worry no more. Request a Leak Detection today and get an estimate on pool repair and renovation! Progressive Pool Repair and Leak Specialists are here for you!